Say Goodbye To 👋
Boring WhatsApp Statuses
& Low Status Views
Build a Whatsapp list: just like an email list
Create your own WassapViews Platform
Receive escrow payment: We stand-in for both you and your customers.
Everything WhatsApp & Middle-man Payment in one place
WhatsApp List
Save unlimited contacts and build your WhatsApp list automatically in few clicks
Create your optin form; just like with email list
You customize how you want your contacts saved & what you want to be saved as on your contacts end.
We help you save and also make sure you're saved.
WassapViews Platform
Create your own WassapViews Platform, monetize and grow your WhatsApp views and community
Create your own WasssapViews Space
Connect people around you closer
Have fun, grow your community and earn money if you like
Middle-man Payment
Your customer's money is held securely until both you & your customer are happy, then the transaction is complete
Your customer makes payment
We hold the payment
You receive your payment once transaction is completed
Everything, Anything you need
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Save contacts easily
Save Contacts easily
Save new contacts and also have them save yours easily
Create WV Platform
Create your own WV platform
Create your own WassapViews plaform, help people get more vieiwers
Create Business Profile
Create your Business profile
Create your business profile and add your products or services
Receive Escrow Payments
Receive escrow payments
Receive payments from customers all over the world with our easy, unique & secure escrow payment method
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